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Juushin Enbu Chap. 4 Picspam/Summary

I won't have time to fully translate the chapter until next month, so here's a summary, along with commentary!

First question: Who is this kid? Taitou's brother, presumably. I'm also guessing that he's the current emperor. Try comparing him to what we've seen of the emperor already (at least I'm assuming that's the emperor).

Chibi!Taitou is cuuuute! And also, we see him being handed off to Souei. "Starting today, this man will be your father." !!! Souei introduces himself as "Souei Tokuha." Taitou's name is "Taitou Shirei".... I have no idea how Chinese naming goes, so....where does the "Shirei" come from?

Taitou's real mother and father taking the other boy and leaving without a look back.

Hghbhfjfshdghfdghud. Tears in his eyes! ;__; And they've got Housei tied up, LOL.

And Ryuukou is awake...

Title of the chapter: Shadow of the Wolf
The 'wolf' is probably referring to Tonrou and the Genroutou (Black Wolf Party). The chapter started out serious, which means that the plot might get moving soon! Yaaay! But when are they going to reach Rakushou?!

In the morning, Taitou is very grumpy and irritable. Laila says he gets like this every so often, though she doesn't know the reason, and he'll go back to normal once he sleeps or gets in a fight.

But Ryuukou is still worried, because he saw Taitou calling for his mother and father in his sleep...

Tears in his eyes!! ;___;

Ryuukou asks him if he had a bad dream, but then says "You would feel better if you talk about it...I won't say that. Peoples' worries are their own."

Okay, I adore Ryuukou, but this is one thing about him that annoys me. He gives up too easily! He's so damn obliging! D: Sometimes I really do prefer the grabbing-people-by-the-shirt-and-yelling-at-them approach.

The group has an awkward moment, then some soldiers from the Genroutou show up who are looking for Taitou and Ryuukou. Taitou beats them up until he feels better. :D

Ryuukou: "I have nothing to do with this. I can't see anything. I can't hear anything." XD

Taitou 'asks' the soldiers where Shimei is, but they've never heard of him, so Taitou beats them up some more and steals their horses. ISN'T HE SO HEROIC?

For being the calm, rational one in the group, Ryuukou sure is a spazz.
"You'll go bald."
"Who's fault do you think that is?!"

Meanwhile, Shimei has been keeping watch over them.

Impatient over Taitou "loitering around," he decides to give him another "push." You know what happened the last time Shimei gave Taitou a "push." D: I wonder if this has to do with what happens at the end of the chapter...

Housei suggests going to see his master, because she might know a good shortcut to Rakushou. He also needs to go back now that he's gotten the Soutenkyuu back. Housei is all doom and gloom about this though, and Taitou and Laila feel nervous about meeting a "hag." But as it turns out....

LOL. When the door opened, I was totally expecting her to launch a flying kick a la Izumi from FMA, and instead we get this. XDDD She's so...BUBBLY!

Blah blah blah, introductions are made, Kouei puts something into Laila's tea, and tells Housei that she doesn't want the Soutenkyuu because she was planning on passing it down to him anyway, and that's why she didn't bother to go looking for it herself. Housei moans over the three years of his life wasted in searching for it.

Blah blah blah, Laila's tea somehow tastes better than everyone else's *HINT HINT* and she suddenly falls asleep.


Kouei's already figured out that Taitou and Ryuukou are both Hokushin Tenkun, but she seems surprised that Taitou is Hagun. Then she starts talking about how Hagun and Tonrou are the "Nitenshinson" (uhhh how to translate this...the kanji reads "two" "heaven" "god" "noble/sacred" so uhh...I need to think about it).

UGH, this is going to be a pain to translate.

Basically, because Hagun and Tonrou are on the opposite ends of the constellation and they have such violent natures, they are fated to be enemies whenever they meet. The five stars in the middle are called the "Goshintoushi" (Five Divine Champions?).

But I'm just happy that we finally get a pic of the star symbols that aren't covered up by speech bubbles! :D And I'm pretty sure now that Koyou is Monkoku.

Ryuukou says that there's no way Hagun and Tonrou will actually meet though, because there's no record of them ever being born in the same generation. Kouei says that sure, it's never been recorded, but...

Then the scene switches over to Mr. Scary Scarface Man! Someone named Chouka informs him that Shimei is going off without permission again, and Keirou (Scarface Man!) says to leave him be.

The scene switches back to Taitou and co., who have just learned that "General Keirou" is Tonrou! Gasp! (How does Kouei know this??)

Housei says that Keirou is known for having the strongest private army in the imperial army, the Genroutou. Taitou realizes that Keirou must be the ringleader behind the stealing of the Kenkaranpu!

When Housei wonders what'll happen if Taitou and Keirou were to clash, Taitou says that they'll fight, and he'll win. Kouei laughs at how simply he says this, because the Xia Dynasty is said to have fallen because of the fight between Tonrou and Hagun! OH SNAP.

Kouei pulls Taitou aside for a bit and they watch Laila sleep. Kouei asks Taitou if Laila is important to him. Taitou's reply: "W...well, we are family."

Now here I have to wonder: Does Taitou know that he and Laila are not related? If he has that dream every so often, and he remembers those dreams (because they put him in a bad mood), then he would know, right? Does he just go on living with this knowledge, pretending everything's normal? Laila obviously has no clue about it...

Then Kouei suddenly becomes serious.

She tells him that for Laila's sake, he should leave right away, leaving her behind. Or else.....

"Taitou-kun, you will kill Laila-chan."


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