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Juushin Enbu English Translation! [Nov. 4th, 2006|03:33 am]
Bos Taurus ~ The Arakawa Hiromu Community


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[music |"Superstar" -S.H.E]

OMG finally done!! x__x

Promotional Lines (page 1 & 2)
Arakawa Hiromu's new series!!
When the country is in confusion, and the people cry in the wild world, there will appear one who ought to take a stand.
The boy's name is Taitou; he is now also within his destiny!!
The seven stars in heaven shine, and the Beast Gods' roars resound!!

Page 1
Do you think you can go against us Genroutou and get off easy....

Page 2
Like I care!!
Genroutou or whatever you are, when you go flying this thing around in our territory....
I, Taitou Shirei, can't just keep quiet!!
Chapter 1: Hagun Roars

Page 3
[A few days later, Taishan]
Yo, Chin-san
Is your shop fixed yet?
Ohh! Taitou and Raira

Page 4
Thanks for chasing away those goons from the imperial army the other day!
Raira-chan, take some manjuu with you
Wow, thank you
Thanks for this all the time
Don't worry about it, we're in your debt
You're gonna play the imperial soldier!
Ehhh?! I hate always being the bad guy!!
Taitou, play with us!
I'm busy right now, some other time
How are you busy?!
You're just easting manjuu!!
You're running away!
That's unfair!
We'll make you play the imperial soldier!

Page 5
A lot of people sure wander in recently
It's like this because the useless emperor is letting all his damn officials run loose
This is what happens when you let a kid be the emperor
...If I were the emperor, I could do it better
Taitou, YOU?!
Ohh~ that's easy for you to say, stupid brother! There's no way a kid like you can do it!
I...I'm not a kid!!
You're pretty haughty for someone who hasn't come of age yet
Shut up!

Page 6
Well yeah, I haven't come of age yet, but...
*stomach growl*
Someone who's wandered in? You don't have food?
Wanna eat some?
Ah...no, this is...
*stomach growl*

Page 7
So you got some manjuu!
And you even had these kids you just met be your guides!
Grampa, where do you think you're touching?!
It's shameful, but I, Ryuukou Mouten, got lost... *mumble mumble*
No, no, thank you for coming all the way from so far, Ryuukou. You seem well as ever.
You don't seem to have changed either, Master Sonnei
Elder Disciple Souei too

Page 8
Father, you've met this Ryuukou person before?
Over ten years ago, we met several times when Elder Disciple was still in the city
No fair~, I want to go to the city at least once too~
Hohohoh, what are you saying
You were born in Rakushou, you know?
Eh?! Really?!
I don't remember at all...
By the way, Ryuukou
Ah, yes
About why I called you all the way from Rakushou
If it's something I can do, I am at your service
Then we can start right away

Page 9
I would like for you to defeat Taitou
We now hold Taitou Shirei's Coming of Age Ceremony
Hey, is Ryuukou strong?
Now, just watch
Alright, let's go one round
Come at me!

Page 10
He doesn't look very strong to me...
Master Sonnei
Is it all right for me to be 'serious'?
Go seriously from the beginning!
Or else it'll be over in an instant!
After all, I'm strong enough to stomp and scatter an entire troop of the imperial ar...

Page 11
You're pretty good!!
Guess that means...
you really are worth...beating......dowah!!
Jeez~~ you shouldn't beat him on your Coming of Age Ceremony
I won't even lose to an imperial soldier...
If I'm serious...
I could beat a mellow guy like you...
with one...

Page 12
The difference in skill is obvious
Won't you admit your loss?
Don't wanna!

Page 13
Isn't losing to one's elder the way the Coming of Age Ceremony goes?
That's why only Taitou can't come of age
~~~~~!! I'll definitely win!!
It's impossible for you
....Then I'll show you my trump card

Page 14
This is...
Here I come!!
(As I thought...)

Page 15
(Tch...the blade didn't hold out!!)

Page 16
Do you still want to continue?
This is the first time I've seen Taitou lose to anyone besides Father....
If the wooden sword held out for a little longer, it would've been my win
Taitou-dono's Soukihou is still amateur
You should refrain from using it in real fighting
Were you using it without knowing what it is?
It's the technique of controlling the ki that flows inside your body

Page 17
Despite his youth, Ryuukou is the number one expert at using Touyuuji
What, so it turned out just the way you wanted, gramps?
If not, you would be the only one to never come of age
Take this
It's your Coming of Age present

Page 18
That sword looks pretty thick
Hey, how's the blade?
Just wait, I'll...

Page 19
What is this sword, an ornament?
What's with this, grampa Sonnei! It's a piece of junk!!
That sword is "Kenkaranpu"
It is a conqueror's sword that can only be drawn by a true hero
If you can't draw it, that means you lack strength.
Hohohoh, it might be that you'll truly come of age once you are able to draw that sword

Page 20
Was it all right? Giving Taitou-dono the Kenkaranpu
What are you so uneasy of?
Is it that I gave Taitou a sword he cannot draw?
Or is it that Taitou will draw the sword?
I would not call you over only to be the opponent in his Coming of Age Ceremony

Page 21
Then as we thought, in Taitou-dono also...
What's wrong, Ryuukou
...The atmosphere has changed

Page 22
Hey, why don't you give up already?
Grampa Sonnei said it, didn't he? "Taitou lacks strength"
And that's why I'm trying to draw it like this!!
(I don't think that's what they mean by lacking strength...)
My my
What boy is this to be playing around with an important sword?

Page 23
...Who the hell are you?
I see
I thought that this troublesome job was forced onto me because our lot fumbled it up, but...

Page 24
What good fortune to be able to meet "Hagun"
I'll ask you one more time
Who the hell are you?
Shimei of the Genroutou
I came to get the Kenkaranpu
...Then that means you're also...

Page 25
The imperial army!!
Woah there
This is my sword!
And we don't have anything to give to the bastard empire here, not even one grain of sand!! Leave!!
Don't be so unkind, mister Hagun
What's with this "Hagun" you've been saying all this time...
I'm Taitou!!
....I'll tell you
this one interesting story

Page 26
There exist seven stars in heaven.
They are the seven stars of the North Star.
The seven stars, in other words, are the hero gods of the North Star.
Karma of creation,
rotation of the beast gods,
martial art of the warrior.
Like yin and yang, heaven and earth,
the North Star has Tonrou and Hagun as its opposite extremes.
The two stars thus will be wild stars who chant domination of the wasted earth.

Page 27
What, the "Hagun" of this generation doesn't know about it?
That's an excerpt from the Tale of the North Star, isn't it? What does a fairy-tale like that have to do with us?
Hmmm...so the little missy here can grasp things faster
But unfortunately, it's a liiittle different
What matters is...
only this boy Hagun

Page 28
The two sinful stars of disaster who push the world into disturbance
One of the two stars of calamity,
that "Hagun" is you
I don't know what the hell you're saying...
What I clearly do understand
is that you're one creepy bastard!!

Page 29
Haaah [sigh], good grief
And that's why brats who don't know anything are so hopeless
Now I know why you can't draw that sword
You lack too many things
First, ambition
Then there's resolution
Also desire, power
And, what you lack the most is...

Page 30
.....What the hell is that?
Ahhhh jeeez
You don't get it~~~
Can't be helped
I'll push your back for you

Page 31
You bastard, what did you do to Raira?!
Oh, I just made it so the little missy can't move so she won't get in the way
Though I put it on a bit strong
So it seems her breathing has stopped too!!

Page 32
That's it, try to draw it
What's wrong?
So you stiiill can't do it
Hurry it up
*cough* Tai..to...
Come on, what's wrong?
If you don't hurry up...
The little missy is gonna keel over?

Page 33
Ohhh scary, scary
But that's not how it goes
Don't touch Raira!!!

Page 34
Bastard...I'll never forgive you...
Won't forgive me?
Then what are you going to do?
Just a damn brat like you
Hurry it up
Or else you won't be able to save little missy?

Page 35
That's right, you're powerless
And at this rate, little missy's...
been killed off?

Page 37
Could it be...
The star has...
He's here he's here he's here he's heeere!!
That's it...no need to hold back
That appearance is your...

Page 38
(Hagun's true appearance!!)
The star...

Page 39
This is...
What an ominous ki...!!
(I can't just be enjoying myself)
I'd better be getting what I came for now...

Page 40
What in the world
The star's power has overwhelmed him

Page 41
He's completely different from this afternoon!!

Page 42
Souei-dono! Hurry to where Raira-dono is!
What are you going to do?!
Taitou-dono seems to be reacting to me!
Got it!!

Page 43
Get a hold of yourself!!
Where am...ah!!
What is this...
Could it be that Taitou...?

Page 44
He's forgotten us in his rage
At this rate, Taitou's own life might be in danger
That power...
You're passing ki through your body
But using an amateur technique injures your own body
...how foolish!

Page 45
(Don't die!!)

Page 46

Page 47
*sound of coughing up blood*
You monster...

Page 48
What are you doing, stupid brother?!
Please get away!!
You're always always causing trouble around you!!
Wake up, Taitou...
This is...
This is...
...I'm telling you to

Page 49

Page 50
It's your own fault!!
.....No way...
...jeez, it's all that bastard's fault...
That's right! He...
Where's Shimei?!

Page 51
He's gone...
There's no bloodstain either
...The sword is gone too...!!
I have to go after him...if I go now there's still time...
It's impossible with your body like that. Do you have any idea how much blood you've lost?
The sword...

Page 52
Rest for now.
Did you see, Ryuukou?
One of the two stars of the conqueror with deep karma that would push the world into disturbance, "Hagun"...
Taitou carries that star within him.
It is that far too mighty power that can either be of best fortune or worst misfortune that is Hagun

Page 53
So that Taitou won't break from his path, could you show him the way?
As you've seen, he is still a child
You are the only one whom I can ask this of
Please, I beg you
--I understand
I will try as much as I can

Page 54
Are you taking a walk so late at night?

Page 55
You couldn't possibly be thinking of getting the Kenkaranpu back by yourself
...You can't stop me
Do you know where the Kenkaranpu is?
What about traveling expenses?
I am also at fault for the Kenkaranpu being stolen

Page 56
I'll accompany you
Despite this, I'm used to traveling
Do what you want
That's what I plan
So they've left

Page 57
Though they say it's the stars' karma, it has put you through some hard times
...We've let only them go
Raira will scold us...
What's the matter?
Well, actually...
Why are you following us?!
Huhuuum, it'll be ten years before you can outwit me. Here, this sword is from Father
Really, those impious kids...

Page 58
Both Taitou and Raira left without even one word to me, their parent
Good grief
Where did I go wrong in raising them...
Stop following us~!!
No! I want to see other cities too!!
If I go back, I'll tell everyone that you ran away!!
The uneasy(?) journey has just begun!!
Then this means that I will not be able to touch that butt for a while?
Please don't touch my daughter's butt

[User Picture]From: kirarakim
2006-11-05 12:37 am (UTC)
Oh wow this is something that makes LJ being down for the whole day worth it. XD
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[User Picture]From: kasumicc
2006-11-05 05:33 am (UTC)
I saw this before LJ was down, but it was already down when I tried to reply >.<


This is wonderful! *-* Thanks for all your hard work!
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[User Picture]From: chun_e_ru
2006-11-05 03:46 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much XD!
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[User Picture]From: ozaka_tomoe
2006-11-09 12:48 pm (UTC)
Thank a lot!
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[User Picture]From: geochan
2006-11-11 06:16 pm (UTC)
Wow! Great job Csakuras! Thanks alot!
By the way, may I have permission to use your translation?
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-11-16 05:39 am (UTC)


i dont know where is u photo.

i cant fine it
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[User Picture]From: obsidian_t_k
2006-11-19 07:56 pm (UTC)
Does anyone mind if I edit this script into the raw? I'll make sure to credit for its use, and I don't intend to mass release it, but I thought I'd make sure and ask.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: jana_martel
2006-12-20 02:03 pm (UTC)
woo.. so nice... !!

great work!!!!


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