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40+ Fullmetal Alchemist items for sale! ^_^ [Mar. 25th, 2014|06:49 pm]


Hello all!
I'm selling lots of Fullmetal Alchemist goods on eBay HERE !

Multiple purchases will enjoy combined shipping at a reduced rate, so bid on more to save more!!!


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Silver Spoon info [Jun. 26th, 2012|06:01 pm]

Silver Spoon vol 4 will come with a silver spoon as well. Apparently it's the same one as the one from vol 3, so if you bought vol 3 already you don't really need to get vol 4 unless you want the same spoon.

Shounen Sunday, however, will have a different version of the spoon at one of its September issues. (I have no idea what's the difference between Shounen Sunday and Shounen Sunday S)

By the way, anyone know what website I can get this magazine from? Honto.jp (where I buy my Japanese manga) doesn't seem to carry manga magazines...

Rough translation (there may be mistakes, and I rewrote some parts so that it flows better in English)

Shounen Sunday S September issue, which will be out on July 25th, will have a special-made spoon from Arakawa Hiromu's Silver Spoon.

Silver Spoon vol 3 special edition that's currently for sale, as well as Silver Spoon vol 4 special edition that will be out on July 18, both come with a special spoon. These two volumes come with a spoon that has a cow logo, while the Shounen Sunday S magazine edition will have a spoon with the Oezo Agricultural High School's logo. Shounen Sunday S's planned retail price will be 580yen.

Silver Spoon also currently has an official twitter. Its name is "Oezo Agricultural High School Official Twitter", and it will contain info such as manga volume release date and any other news.

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Silver Spoon Vol 3 Japanese Limited Edition photos + Ed & Al figure [Apr. 30th, 2012|03:33 pm]

[music |GARNET CROW - Misty Mystery]

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Hong Kong edition Silver Spoon freebies [Mar. 20th, 2012|12:35 am]


Just thought some of you might be interested in checking out what the Hong Kong edition of Silver Spoon manga gave out as freebies ^_^

I also purchased Taiwanese edition of 百姓貴族 (as far as I know, no one in Hong Kong licensed 百姓貴族).

The cow bell came with the first press of Silver Spoon Volume 2 HK edition, while the folder came with the first press of Silver Spoon Volume 1 HK edition. The DS is just there for size reference. XD

The cow bell has two versions - red and yellow. The one I got is yellow. You can see how the red one looks like on the cover slip of Silver Spoon volume 2.

Silver Spoon vol 1 & 2 first press are sold out as far as I know... I have no clue where else you can get them...

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(no subject) [Mar. 6th, 2012|02:31 pm]

Hi all!

★★★ More auctions are up again! ★★★

I'm letting go of many FMA items at super low starting bids on eBay [[ HERE ]] .

Please feel free to check the auctions out, they're ending really soon!
Thank you! ^_^v Good luck bidding & Happy Shopping!
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Upcoming FMA merch sale ^^ [Aug. 14th, 2011|02:48 am]

Hi all, I'm so sorry, I just realized that I typed the wrong date! It should be Friday, August 19th, 6:30pm. I have corrected the countdown timer on my website as well. Again, I am very very sorry about the confusion I have caused! ;_;

*Click to enlarge!

Hi, I will be having a big FMA merchandise sale on Friday, August 19th, 6:30pm PST. Please refer to the link below for more details! I'm pre-advertising the sale to give everyone a fair chance at getting some of the rare merchandises I will be selling (ex, Book in Figure Red & Blue, Edo mouse...etc). ^_^

My LJ post with sale info: http://armoralchemist.livejournal.com/68231.html

Thanks for reading!
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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2011|01:22 pm]



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Happy Birthday, Arakawa-sensei! ^o^ (first post of the year here?!) [May. 8th, 2010|03:08 am]

As this will (likely) be the last birthday Arakawa Hiromu-sensei be spending together with the series Fullmetal Alchemist, I think it's appropriate to make a thread - specific for congratulating her birthday, and to tell her (not that she'll read them lol) what we feel about the series up until now!

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cross-posted to fm_alchemist, hagaren_manga, bos_taurus
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New Hiromu Arakawa cover art for a novel... [Apr. 7th, 2009|01:03 am]

sarahtales has a novel coming out in June called the Demon's Lexicon and she just posted the cover art for the japanese publication of the story, which is releasing later this month.

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Selling: Juushin Enbu vol. 3 [Dec. 1st, 2008|03:26 pm]

Hello all, and Happy December. I have a copy of Juushin Enbu [Hero Tales] vol. 3 for sale (it's in very good used condition).

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